Wisconsin's Secretaries of State

Secretaries before Statehood were appointed by the President of the United States. During the time of territorial status, Wisconsin had six secretaries.

SecretaryAppointedLeft OfficeGovernorAppointed By
Horner, John S30 Apr 183616 Feb 1837Henry DodgeAndrew Jackson
Slaughter, William B16 Feb 183725 Jan 1841Henry DodgeAndrew Jackson
Dunn, Francis J25 Jan 184123 Apr 1841Henry DodgeMartin VanBuren
Field, Alexander Pope23 Apr 184130 Oct 1843Henry DodgeJohn Tyler
Floyd, George R C30 Oct 184324 Feb 1846James DotyJohn Tyler
Catlin, John24 Feb 18463 Mar 1849Henry DodgeJames Polk

The Secretary of State was initially elected for a two-year term. An amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution in 1967 changed the term from two years to four. In the event that the Governor is unable to perform his duties and the office of Lieutenant Governor is vacant, the Secretary of State is to act as governor.

SecretaryTook OfficeLeft OfficeGovernor
McHugh, Thomas7 Jun 18487 Jan 1850Nelson Dewey
Barstow, William A7 Jan 18505 Jan 1852Nelson Dewey
Robinson, Charles D5 Jan 18522 Jan 1854Leonard Farwell
Gray, Alexander T2 Jan 18547 Jan 1856William Barstow
Jones, David W7 Jan 18562 Jan 1860William Barstow
Harvey, Louis P2 Jan 18606 Jan 1862Alexander Randall
Lewis, James T6 Jan 18624 Jan 1864Louis Harvey
Fairchild, Lucius4 Jan 18641 Jan 1866James Lewis
Allen, Thomas S1 Jan 18663 Jan 1870Lucius Fairchild
Breese, Llywelyn3 Jan 18705 Jan 1874Lucius Fairchild
Doyle, Peter5 Jan 18747 Jan 1878William Taylor
Warner, Hans B7 Jan 18782 Jan 1882William Smith
Timme, Ernst G2 Jan 18825 Jan 1891Jeremiah Rusk
Cunningham, Thomas J5 Jan 18917 Jan 1895George Peck
Casson, Henry7 Jan 18952 Jan 1899William Upham
Froehlich, William H2 Jan 18995 Jan 1903Edward Scofield
Houser, Walter L5 Jan 19037 Jan 1907Robert LaFollette Sr
Frear, James A7 Jan 19076 Jan 1913James Davidson
Donald, John S6 Jan 19131 Jan 1917Francis McGovern
Hull, Merlin1 Jan 19173 Jan 1921Emanuel Philipp
Hall, Elmer S3 Jan 19211 Jan 1923John Blaine
Zimmerman, Fred R1 Jan 19233 Jan 1927John Blaine
Dammann, Theodore3 Jan 19272 Jan 1939Fred Zimmerman
Philip LaFollette
Zimmerman, Fred R2 Jan 193914 Dec 1954Julius Heil
Vacant14 Dec 195416 Dec 1954Walter Kohler Jr
Allis, Louis16 Dec 19543 Jan 1955Walter Kohler Jr
Wise, Glenn M3 Jan 19557 Jan 1957Walter Kohler Jr
Zimmerman, Robert C7 Jan 19576 Jan 1975Vernon Thomson
LaFollette, Douglas J6 Jan 19753 Jan 1979Patrick Lucey
Phillips, Vel R3 Jan 19793 Jan 1983Lee Dreyfus
LaFollette, Douglas J3 Jan 1983PresentAnthony Earl
Tommy Thompson
Scott McCallum
Jim Doyle
Scott Walker

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