Home Remedies from Wisconsin Folks

Was there a "recipe" that your family used to cure something? Please share it!

"For cough syrup, mother used lemon juice and honey"

"Cough drops were horehound candies and lemon drops"

"If we had gas or indigestion, mother gave us catnip tea. We put milk and sugar in it to drink"

"If we had a cold, dad would go out and kill a skunk and mother would render the fat into oil and grease us with fresh skunk oil."

"Poultices were make from boiled flax seed, put in a cloth bag and put on whatever needed drawing."

"Mother made a tea from a marsh plant called boneset. It was supposed to purify the blood, but it tasted bitter!"

"Horse liniment was used for achy muscles. Usually it was Watkins brand."

"Sweet oil drops warmed and a drop in the ear for earaches."

"Ginger tea with milk and sugar made one sweat and break a fever."

These were submitted by Elenore Schoff Zink

daughter of Earl Ira Schoff and Sarah Jenny Reichhoff, Adams County

These folk remedies are mentioned for the lore that has been passed down through generations. These are not here to guide you or replace medical advice from a practicing physician.

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