New York's Railroads

    The "Iron Horse" allowed many families to move west and still stay somewhat connected. Many non-mechanical means of transportation were replaced, although not necessarily immediately.

    T1842T1847td>Herkimer, Newport & Poland Narrow Gauge RailwayTNew Jersey & New York RailroadT1871TJersey City & Albany RailroadT1913T1901TSackett's Harbor, Rome & New York Railroadt,d>1981T1991T1957
    Name of RailroadDate EstablishedDate ClosedSuccessor
    Addison Railroad18671951 
    Addison & Northern Pennsylvania Railway18821887Addison & Pennsylvania Railway
    Addison & Pennsylvania Railway18871898Addison & Susquehanna Railroad
    Addison & Susquehanna Railroad18981954Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad
    Adirondack Company18631882Adirondack Railway
    Adirondack Railway18821902Delaware & Hudson Company
    Adirondac Estate & Railroad Company18601863Adirondack Company
    Adirondack & St Lawrence Railroad19061925 
    Albany & Hudson Railway & Power Company18991903Albany & Hudson Railroad
    Albany Northern Railroad18511856Albany, Vermont & Canada Railroad
    Albany Port Railroad   
    Albany & Schenectady Railroad18471853New York Central Railroad
    Albany & Susquehanna Railroad18511945Delaware & Hudson Railroad
    Albany & Vermont Railroad18591859 
    Albany, Vermont & Canada Railroad18561859Albany & Vermont Railroad
    Albany & West Stockbridge Railroad18361870Boston & Albany Railroad
    Allegany Central Railroad18811883Lackawanna & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Amsterdam, Chuctanunda & Northern Railroad18791879 
    Arcade & Attica Railroad   
    Atlantic Avenue Railroad18721899Nassau Electric Railroad Main Line
    Operated by Long Island Rail Road -- 99 year lease from 1877
    Atlantic & Great Western Railroad18711880New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad
    Atlantic & Great Western Railroad18591865Atlantic & Great Western Railway
    Atlantic & Great Western Railway18651871Atlantic & Great Western Railroad
    Attica & Allegheny Valley Railroad18521856Attica & Arcade Railroad
    Attica & Arcade Railroad18701880Tonawanda Valley Railroad
    Attica & Buffalo Railroad18361850Buffalo & Rochester Railroad
    Attica & Freedom Railroad18911894Buffalo, Attica & Arcade Railroad
    Attica & Hornellsville Railroad18451851Buffalo & New York City Railroad
    Auburn & Ithaca Railway18891890Geneva & Van Ettenville Railway
    Auburn & Rochester Railroad18361850Rochester & Syracuse Railroad
    Auburn & Syracuse Railroad18341850Rochester & Syracuse Railroad
    Avon, Geneseo & Mount Morris Railroad18601940 
    B & H Rail Corporation   
    Baltimore & Ohio Railroad19321987Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
    Bath & Hammondsport Railroad18721993Champagne Railroad
    Battenkill Railroad19021903Greenwich & Johnsonville Railway
    Batten Kill Railroad   
    Bennington & Rutland Railroad18651870Harlem Extension Railroad
    Bennington & Rutland Railway18771901Rutland Railroad
    Black River & Morristown Railroad18701883Utica & Black River Railroad
    Black River & St Lawrence Railway18681883Carthage & Adirondack Railway
    Black River & Utica Railroad18541860Utica & Black River Railroad
    Blossburg & Corning Railroad18541873Corning, Cowanesque & Antrim Railway
    Bombay & Moira Railroad18981898operated by Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain Railroad
    Boston & Albany Railroad18701961New York Central Railroad
    Boston, Hartford & Erie Railroad18641874New York & New England Railroad
    Boston, Hartford & Erie Extension Railroad18631864Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad
    Boston, Hartford & Erie Ferry Extension Railrod18641864Boston, Hartford & Erie Railroad
    Boston, Hoosac Tunnel & Western Railway18771892Fitchburg Railroad
    Boston & Maine Corporation1964 subsidiary of PanAm Railways
    operating subsidiary Springfield Terminal Railway
    Boston & Maine Railroad19001964Boston & Maine Corporation
    Bradford, Eldred & Cuba Railroad18811893 
    Bradford, Richburg & Cuba Railroad18811893 
    Brighton & Bensonhurst Railroad18921892Never operated
    Brooklyn, Bath & Coney Island Railroad18621885Brooklyn, Bath & West End Railroad
    Brooklyn, Bath & West End Railroad18851898Atlantic Avenue Railroad
    Brooklyn & Brighton Beach Railroad18871899Sea View Railroad
    Brooklyn Central & Jamaica Railroad18601865Brooklyn & Jamaica Railroad
    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal19061983New York Cross Harbor Railroad Terminal Corporation
    Brooklyn, Flatbush & Coney Island Railway18771887Brooklyn & Brighton Beach Railroad
    Brooklyn & Jamaica Railroad18321860Brooklyn Central & Jamaica Railway
    Brooklyn & Jamaica Railway18661872Atlantic Avenue Railroad
    Brooklyn & Montauk Railroad18791889Long Island Rail Road
    Brooklyn & Rockaway Beach Railroad18631906Canarsie Railroad
    Buffalo & Allegheny Valley Railroad18531865Buffalo & Washington Railway
    Buffalo, Attica & Arcade Railroad18941917Arcade & Attica Railroad
    Buffalo & Black Rock Railroad18331834Buffalo & Niagara Falls Railroad
    Buffalo, Bradford & Pittsburgh Railroad18591941Erie Railroad
    Buffalo Branch of the Erie Railway18611862Erie Railway
    Buffalo, Chautauqua Lake & Pittsburgh Railway18791880Pittsburgh, Titusville & Bufflo Railroad
    Buffalo, Cleveland & Chicago Railway18811881New York, Chicago & st Louis Railway
    Buffalo & Cohocton Valley Railway18501852Buffalo, Corning & New York Railroad
    Buffalo, Corning & New York Railroad18521857Buffalo, New York & Erie Railroad
    Buffalo, Corry & Pittsburgh Railroad18671872Dunkirk, Chautauqua Lake & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Buffalo Creek Railroad18691983Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Buffalo Creek Transfer Railroad18811914 
    Buffalo & Erie Railroad18671869Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway
    Buffalo Erie Basin Railroad18761913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Buffalo Extension of the Atlantic & Great Western Railway18641865Atlantic & Great Western Railway
    Buffalo & Geneva Railway18891890Lehigh Valley Railway
    Buffalo & Jamestown Railroad 18721877Buffalo & South Western Railroad
    Buffalo & Lockport Railroad18521853New York Central Railroad
    Buffalo & New York City Railroad18511861Buffalo Branch of the Erie Railway, Buffalo, New York & Erie Railroad
    Buffalo, New York & Erie Railroad18571896Erie Railroad
    Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railroad18831887Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway of New York
    Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railway18711883Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railroad
    Buffalo & Niagara Falls Railroad18341869New York Central Railroad
    Buffalo & Oil Creek Cross Cut Railroad18651867Buffalo, Corry & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad   
    Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad18521859Buffalo, Bradford & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Buffalo, Pittsburgh & Western Railroad18811883Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railroad
    Buffalo, Pittsburgh & Western Railway18801881Buffalo, Pittsburgh & Western Railroad
    Buffalo & Rochester Railroad18501853New York Central Railroad
    Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad18851887Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway
    Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad18811881Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway1887 non-operating subsidiary of CSX Transportation
    Leased to Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Buffalo & South Western Railroad18771895Erie Railroad
    Buffalo & Southern Railroad   
    Buffalo & State Line Railroad18481867Buffalo & Erie Railroad
    Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad19541954Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
    Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad19101932Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
    Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad18961907Buffalo & Susquehanna Railway
    Buffalo & Susquehanna Railway19021915Wellsville & Buffalo Railroad
    Buffalo & Washington Railroad18651865Buffalo & Washington Railway
    Buffalo & Washington Railway18651871Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railway
    Bush Terminal Railroad1903  
    C S X Transportation   
    Cairo Railroad18841918operated by Catskill Mountain Railroad
    Campbell Hall Connecting Railroad18891961 
    Canada Southern Railway18831904Michigan Central Railroad
    Canadian National Railway   
    Canadian Pacific Railway   
    Canajoharie & Catskill Railroad1830Catskill Mountain Railroad
    Canal Railroad18781905Lehigh Valley Railway
    Canandaigua & Corning Railroad18451852canandaigua & Elmira Railroad
    Canandaigua & Elmira Railroad18521857Elmira, Canandaigua & Niagara Falls Railroad
    Canandaigu Lake Railroad18871888Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad
    Canandaigua & Niagara Falls Railroad18511857Niagara Bridge & Canandaigua Railroad
    Canarsie Railroad19061912New York Consolidated Railroad
    Canastota Northern Railroad18861905Elmira, Cortland & Northern Railroad
    Carthage & Adirondack Railway18831913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Carthage & Copenhagen Railroad19061917Deer River Railroad
    Carthage, Watertown & Sackets Harbor Railroad18691913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Castleton & West Stockbridgge Railroad18341836Albany & West Stockbridge Railroad
    Catskill Mountain Railroad19171918 
    Catskill Mountain Railroad18801885Catskill Mountain Railway
    Catskill Mountain Railway18851916Catskill Mountain Railroad
    Catskill & Tannersville Railway18921916Catskill Mountain Railroad
    Cayuga Railway18741877Cayuga Southern Railroad
    Cayuga Lake Railroad18671874Cayuga Railway
    Cayuga Southern Railroad18771879Geneva, Ithaca & Sayre Railroad
    Cayuga & Susquehanna Railroad18431946Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
    Cazenovia & Canastota Railroad18681873Cazenovia & Canastota Railway
    Cazenovia & Canastota Railway18731873Cazenovia, Canastota & DeRuyter Railroad
    Cazenovia, Canastota & DeRuyter Railroad18731876Cazenovia, Canastota & DeRuyter Railway
    Cazenovia, Canastota & DeRuyter Railway18761884Elmira, Cortland & Northern Railroad
    Cazenovia & DeRuyter Railroad18721873Czenovia, Canastota & DeRuyter Railroad
    Central Railroad Extension Company18731882Long Island Rail Road
    Central Railroad of Long Island18711879Long Island Rail Road
    Central New England Railway18991927New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad
    Central New England & Western Railroad18891892Philadelphia, Reading & New England Railroad
    Central New York Railroad   
    Central New York & Northern Railroad18991899Central New York & Western Railroad
    Central New York Southern Railroad119141923 
    Central New York & Western Railroad18921899Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad
    Central Valley Railroad18701875 
    Central Vermont Railroad18731899Central Vermont Railway
    Central Vermont Railway18981962 
    Champagne Railroad19931996Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad
    Champlain & St Lawrence Railroad18511960Canadian National Railway
    Chateaugay Railroad18791903Chateaugay & Lake Placid Railway
    Chateaugay Railway18871903Chateaugay & Lake Placid Railway
    Chateaugay & Lake Placid Railway19031957Delaware & Hudson Railroad
    Chatham & Lebanon Valley Railroad18991901Rutland Railroad
    Chautauqua Lake Railway18861894Jamestown & Lake Erie Railway
    Chemung Railroad18451886Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad
    Cherry Valley & Mohawk River Railroad18641869Cherry Valley, Sharon & Albany Railroad
    Cherry Valley, Sharon & Albany Railroad18691908Delaware & Hudson Company
    Cherry Valley & Sprakers Railroad18601864Cherry Valley & Mohawk River Railroad
    Chesapeake & Ohio Railway19471987CSX Transportation
    Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad   
    Clayton & Theresa Railroad18711886Utica & Black River Railroad
    Clove Branch Railroad18681898 
    Conesus Lake Railroad18821932Erie Railroad
    Coney Island & East River Railway18761877Brooklyn, Flatbush & Coney Island Railway
    Conhocton Valley Railroad20012001B & H Rail Corporation
    Connecting Terminal Railroad18811931Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway
    Consolidated Rail Corporation19761999CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern Railway
    Cooperstown & Charlotte valley Railroad18881957Delaware & Hudson Railroad
    Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railway19711989 
    Cooperstown & Susquehanna Valley Railroad18651957Delaware & Hudson Railroad
    Corning & Blossburg Railroad18511852Blossburg & Corning Railroad
    Corning, Cowanesque & Antrim Railway18731892Fall Brook Railway
    Cornwall Bridge Company18971917New York Central Railroad
    Cranberry Lake Railroad19021914 
    Danbury Terminal Railroad19931996Housatonic Railroad
    Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad1891 nonoperating subsidiry of the Rochester and Southern Railroad
    Deer River Railroad19171918 
    Degnon Terminal Railroad19131928Long Island Rail Road
    Delaware & Eastern Railroad19041911Delaware & Northern Railroad
    Delaware & Eastern Railway19071911Delaware & Northern Railroad
    Delaware & Hudson Company18991930Delaware & Hudson Railroad
    Delaware & Hudson Railroad19301968Delaware & Hudson Company
    Delaware & Hudson Canal Company18671899Delaware & Hudson Company
    Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad18701960Erie-Lackawann Railroad
    Delaware & Northern Railroad19111928Delaware & Northern Railway
    Delaware & Northern Railway19281942 
    Delaware & Otsego Railroad18871901Ulster & Delaware Railroad
    Depew, Lancaster & Western Railroad   
    Depew & Tonawanda Railroad18951903Lehigh Valley Railway
    Dexter & Northern Railroad19081956 
    Direct Railway18481850Rochester & Syracuse Railroad
    Dolgeville & Salisbury Railway19071917New York Central Railroad
    Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Pittsburgh Railroad18731914New York Central Railroad
    Dunkirk, Chautauqua Lake & Pittsburgh Railroad18791879Buffalo, Chautauqua Lake & Pittsburgh Railway
    Dunkirk & State Line Railroad18501851Buffalo & State Line Railroad
    Dunkirk, Warren & Pittsburgh Railroad18671870Dunkirk, Warren & Pittsburgh Railway
    Dunkirk, Warren & Pittsburgh Railway18701873Dunkirk, Allegheny Vlley & Pittsburgh Railway
    Dutchess & Columbi Railroad18661872New York, Boston & Northern Railway
    Dutchess County Railroad18901907Central New England Railway
    East River Terminal Railroad19071916Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal
    Ellenville & Kingston Railroad19011957 
    Elmira, Canandaigua & Niagara Falls Railroad18571858Elmira, Jefferson & Canandaigua Railroad
    Elmira, Cortland & Northern Railroad18841905Lehigh Valley Railway
    Elmira, Jefferson & Canandaigua Railroad18591886Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad
    Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad18861956Northern Central Railway
    Elmira State Line Railroad18721942 
    Elmira & Williamsport Railroad18601969Penndel Company
    Erie Railroad18951960Erie-Lackawanna Railroad
    Erie Railway18611878New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad
    Erie & Black Rock Railroad18821932Erie Railroad
    Erie & Central New York Railroad19021945Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
    Erie & Central New York Railway18631902Erie & Central New York Railroad
    Erie & Genesee Valley Railroad18681891Dansville & Mount Morris Railroad
    Erie International Railway18721895Erie Railroad
    Erie & Jersey Railroad19051915Erie Railroad
    Erie-Lackawanna Railroad19601968Erie Lackawanna Railway
    Erie Lackawanna Railway19681976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Erie & New York City Railroad18511860Atlantic & Great Western Railroad
    Erie Terminals Railroad19071915Erie Railroad
    Fall Brook Railway18921909Geneva, Corning & Souther Railroad
    Ralls Road Railroad   
    Far Rockaway Branch Railroad18681872South Side Railroad of Long Island
    Finger Lakes Railway   
    Fitchburg Railroad18871919Boston & Maine Railroad
    Flatbush & Coney Island Park & Concourse Railroad18761877Brooklyn, Flatbush & Coney Island Railway
    Flushing Railroad18521859New York & Flushing Railroad
    Flushing & North Side Railroad18681881Long Island City & Flushing Railroad
    Flushing & Woodside Railroad18641871Flushing & North Side Railroad
    Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad18671984 
    Friendship Railroad18801881Allegany Central Railroad
    Fulton Chain Railroad18961902Fulton Chain Railway
    Fulton & Oswego Railroad18851886Syracuse, Phoenix & Oswego Railway
    Garnerville Railroad1875  
    Genesee River Railroad19051915Erie Railroad
    Genesee Valley Canal Railroad18801912Pennsylvani & Rochester Railroad
    Genesee Valley Terminal Railroal18821912Pennsylvania & Rochester Railroad
    Genesee & Wyoming Railroad1899 Non-operating subsidiary of Rochester & Southern Railroad
    Genesee & Wyoming Valley Railway18911899Genesee & Wyoming Railroad
    Geneseo Valley Railroad18571860Avon, Geneseo & Mount Morris Railroad
    Geneva, Corning & Southern Railroad19091914New York Central Railroad
    Geneva, Corning & Southern Railway18751909Geneva, Corning & Souther Railroad
    Geneva & Hornellsville Railway18751876Geneva, Hornellsville & Pine Creek Railway
    Geneva, Hornellsville & Pine Creek Railway18761879Lake Ontario Southern Railway
    Geneva & Ithaca Railroad18701874Geneva, Ithaca & Athens Railroad
    Geneva, Ithaca & Athens Railroad18741876Geneva, Ithace & Sayre Railroad
    Geneva, Ithaca & sayre Railroad18761889Geneva & Sayre Railroad
    Geneva & Lyons Railroad18771890New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Geneva & Sayre Railroad18891890Geneva & VanEttenville Railway
    Geneva & Southwestern Railway18711875Geneva & Hornellsville Railway
    Geneva Southwestern & Hornellsville Railway18721875Geneva & Hornellsville Railway
    Geneva & VanEttenville Railway18891890Lehigh Valley Railway
    Glendale & East River Railroad18741928Long Island Rail Road
    Glenfield & Western Railroad1901  
    Glens Falls Railroad18671906Rensselaer & Saratoga Railroad
    Gloversville & Broadalbin Railroad18951931Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad
    Gloversville & Northville Railroad18721881Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad
    Goshen & Deckertown Railway18681954Erie Railroad
    Gouverneur & Oswegatchie Railroad18921913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Grand Trunk Railway18641923Canadian National Railway
    Grasse River Railroad19151959 
    Great Neck & Port Washington Railroad18961902Long Island Rail Road
    Great Valley & Bradford Railroad18811881Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Great Western Railway18551882Grand Trunk Railway
    Greigsville & Pearl Creek Railroad18971899 
    Greene Railroad18691946Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
    Greenwich & Johnsonville Railroad18741879Greenwich & Johnsonville Railway
    Greenwich & Johnsonville Railroad18791982Batten Kill Railroad
    Greenwood & Coney Island Railroad18721874Prospect Park & Coney Island Railroad
    Hackensack & New York Estension Railroad18691873New Jersey & New York Railway
    Halite & Northern Railroad19101933operated by Genesee & Wyoming Railroad
    Hancock & East Branch Railroad19061907Delaware & Eastern Railway
    Hancock & Pennsylvania Railroad18891889Ontario, Carbondale & Scranton Railway
    Harlem Extension Railroad18701873New York, Boston & Montreal Railway
    Harlem Extension Railroad South Coal Transportation Company18771880 
    Harlem River & Port Chester Railroad18661927New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad
    Hartford & Connecticut Western RailroadNew York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad
    Hayts Corners, Ovid & Willard Railroad18821959 
    Hempstead & Rockaway Railroad18691871New York & Hempstead Railroad
    Herkimer, Newport & Poland Railway18911892Mohawk & Malone Railway
    Herkimer, Newport & Poland Extension Railway18911892Mohawk & Malone Railway
    Herkimer, Newport & Poland Narrow Gauge Railway18801891Herkimer, Newport & Poland Railway
    Hicksville & Cold Spring Branch Railroad18531870Long Island Rail Road
    Hobart Branch Railroad18841901Ulster & Delaware Railroad
    Hoosac Tunnel & Saratoga Railway18811886Troy, Saratoga & Northern Railroad
    Housatonic Railroad   
    Hudson & Berkshire Railroad18321854Hudson & Boston Railroad
    Hudson & Boston Railroad18551870Boston & Albany Railroad
    Hudson Connecting Railroad18871889Central New England & Western Railroad
    Hudson Light & Power & Railroad Company18991899Albany & Hudson Railway & Power Company
    Hudson River Railroad18461869New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Hudson River Bridge Company at Albany18561976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Hudson River Connecting Railroad19131964New York Central Railroad
    Hudson River West Shore Railroad18671868West Shore Hudson River Railroad
    Hunter's Point & South Side Railroad18701872South Side Railroad of Long Island
    International Bridge Company18571956Canadian National Railway
    Island Railroad18831883 
    Ithaca & Athens Railroad18701874Geneva, Ithaca & Athens Railroad
    Ithaca, Auburn & Western Railroad18761890Auburn & Ithaca Railway
    Ithaca & Cortland Railroad18691871utica, Ithaca & Elmira Railroad
    Ithaca & Owego Railroad18281843Cayuga & Susquehanna Railroad
    Ithaca & Tonawanda Railroad18651870Ithaca & Athens Railroad
    Jamaica & SOuth Shore Railroad19031912Long Island Rail Road
    Jamestown & Chautauqua Railway18981913Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern Railroad
    Jamestown, Chautauqua & Lake Erie Railway19001913Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern Railroad
    Jamestown & Lake Erie Railway18941898Jamestown & Chautauqua Railway
    Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern Railroad19131950 
    Jay Street Connecting Railroad1909  
    Jay Street Extension Railroad19161916Jay Street Connecting Railroad
    Jersey City & Albany Railroad18731877Jersey City & Albany Railway
    Jersey City & Albany Railway18781881North River Railroad
    Junction Railroad18701879New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Kaaterskill Railroad18821901Ulster & Delaware Railroad
    Kanona & Prattsburg Railroad18861893Kanona & Prattsburg Railway
    Kanona & Prattsburg Railway18971917Prattsburg Railway
    Keeseville, Ausable Chasm & Lake Champlin Railroad18891924 
    Kinderhook & Hudson Railway18891899Hudson Ligh & Power & Railroad Company
    Kings County Central Railroad18761878 
    Lackawanna & Pittsburgh Railroad18821889Lackawanna & Southwestern Railroad
    Lackawanna & Southwestern Railroad18891892Central New York & Western Railroad
    Lackawanna & Susquehanna Railroad1867  
    Lake Champlain & Moriah Railroad18671968 
    Lake Ontario Railroad18741875Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad
    Lake Ontario & Hudson River Railroad18571860Adirondac Estate & Railroad Company
    Lake Ontario Shore Railroad18681874Lake Ontario Railroad
    Lake Ontario Southern Railway18791882Sodus bay & Southern Railroad
    Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway18691914New York Central Railroad
    Lebanon Springs Railroad1852
    Harlem Extension Railroad
    Chatham & Lebanon Valley Railroad
    Lehigh-Buffalo Terminal Railway1915  
    Lehigh & Hudson River Railway18821976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Lehigh & Lake Erie Railroad18961907Lehigh Valley Railway
    Lehigh & New England Railroad18951961 
    Lehigh & New York Railroad18951949Lehigh Valley Railroad
    Lehigh Valley Railroad18881976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Lehigh Valley Railway18821949Lehigh Valley Railroad
    Lewiston Railroad18361855New York Central Railroad
    Lincoln Park & Charlotte Railroad18881899Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway
    Little Falls & Dolgeville Railroad18911913New York central & Hudson River Railroad
    Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad   
    Lockport & Buffalo Railway18711895Erie Railroad
    Lockport & Niagara Falls Railroad18341850Rochester, Lockport & Niagara Falls Railroad
    Long Island Rail Road18341997New York & Atlantic Railway
    Long Island Railroad North Shore Branch18921921Long Island Rail Road
    Long Island City & Flushing Railroad18811889Long Island Rail Road
    Long Island City & Manhattan Beach Railroad18831885New York, Brooklyn & Manhattan Beach Railway
    Lowville & Beaver River Railroad   
    Mahopac Falls Railroad18841913New York & Putnam Railroad
    Malone & st Lawrence Railway18911895St Lawrence & Adirondack Railway
    Marcellus Electric Railroad18871905Mrcellus & Otisco Lake Railway
    Marcellus & Otisco Company19191959 
    Marcellus & Otisco Lake Railway19051920Marcellus & Otisco Company
    Marion Railway19171931Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad
    Massena Springs & Fort Covington Railroad18841888United States and Canada Railroad
    Massena Terminal Railroad   
    Mayville Extension Railroad18811887Chautauqua Lake Railway
    Mechanicville & FOrt Edward Railroad1880  
    Michigan Central Railroad19041930New York Central Railroad
    Middleburgh & Schoharie Railroad18671936 
    Middlesex Valley Railroad18921903Lehigh Valley Railway
    Middletown & Crawford Railroad18681932Erie Railroad
    Middletown & New Jersey Railroad   
    Middletown & New Jersey Railway19472009Middletown & New Jersey Railroad
    Middletown & Unionville Railroad19131947Middletown & New Jersey Railway
    Middletown, Unionville & Water Gap Railroad18661913Middletown & Unionville Railroad
    Midland Railroad of New Jersey18801881New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad
    Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Railroad   
    Mohawk & Adirondack Railroad18911891Herkimer, Newport & Poland Extension Railway
    St Lawrence & Adirondack Railroad
    Mohawk & Hudson Railroad1826Albany & Schenectady Railroad
    Mohawk & Malone Railway18921913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Mohawk Valley Railroad18511853New York Central Railroad
    Mohawk Valley & Northern Railway18901891
    Montauk Extension Railroad18931902Long Island Rail Road
    Montclair Railway18671875Montclair & Greenwood Lake Railway
    Montclair & Greenwood Lake Railway>/td>18751878New York & Greenwood Lake Railway
    Montgomery & Erie Railway18661954Erie Railroad
    Monticello & Port Jervis Railway18691875Port Jervis & Monticello Railroad
    Montreal & Champlain Railroad18571864Grand Trunk Railway
    Montreal & Plattsburgh Railroad18681873New York & Canada Railroad
    Mount McGregor Railroad18891898Saratoga Northern Railway
    Nanuet & New City Railroad1871 New Jersey & New York Railroad
    Napierville Junction Railway  Non-operating subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Railway
    New England Railroad18951908New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad
    New Jersey Midland Railway18741880Midland Railroad of New Jersey
    18801967Erie-Lackawanna Railroad
    New Jersey & New York Railway18731880New Jersey & New York Railroad
    New Jersey & New York Extension Railroad18861936New Jersey & New York Railroad
    New York & Albany Railroad18321846New York & Harlem Railroad
    New York & Atlantic Railway18801887West Brooklyn Railroad
    New York & Atlantic Railway   
    New York, Auburn & Lansing Railroad19001914Central New York Southern Railroad
    New York Bay Extension Railroad18921902Long Island Rail Road
    New York, Bay Ridge & Jamaica Railroad18751885New York, Brooklyn & Manhattan Beach Railway
    New York & Boston Railroad18691872New York, Boston & Northern Railway
    New York, Boston & Montreal Railway18731876Bennington & Rutland Railway; New York, Rutland & Montreal Railroad; New York, Westchester & Putnam Railway; Newburgh, Dutchess & Connecticut Railroad
    New York, Boston & Northern Railway18721873New York, Boston & Montreal Railway
    New York & Brighton Beach Railway18781884Sea Beach & Brighton Railroad
    New York, Brooklyn & Manhattan Beach Railway18851925Long Island Rail Road
    New York & Canada Railroad18721908Delaware & Hudson Company
    New York Central Railroad19141968Penn Central Transportation Company
    New York Central Railroad18531869New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    New York Central & Hudson River Railroad18691914New York Central Railroad
    New York Central Niagara River Railroad18771913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    New York, Chicago & St Louis Railroad18871964Norfolk & Western Raiilway
    New York, Chicago & St Louis Railway18811887New York, Chicago & St Louis Railroad
    New York City & Northern Railroad18781887New York & Northern Railway
    New York & Coney Island Railroad1879  
    New York Connecting Railroad18921976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    New York Cross Harbor Railroad Terminal Corporation19832006New York New Jersey Rail LLC
    New York Dock Railway19101983New York Cross Harbor Railroad Terminal Corporation
    New York & Eastern Railway20032004Never Operated
    New York & Erie Railroad18321861Erie Railway
    New York & Flushing Railroad18591891Long Island Rail Road
    New York & Greenwood Lake Railway18781943Erie Railroad
    New York & Harlem Railroad1831 Exists as a small part of the Metro-North Commuter Railroad
    New York & Hempstead Railroad1875Southern Hempstead Branch Railroad
    New York & Hempstead Plains Railroad18701871New York & Hempstead Railroad
    New York, Housatonic & Northern Railroad18631881Westchester Railway
    New York & Jamaica Railroad18591860Long Island Rail Road
    New York, Kingston & Syracuse Railroad18721875Ulster & Delaware Railroad
    New York, Lackawanna & Western Railway18801945Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
    New York & Lake Erie Railroad   
    New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad18781895Erie Railroad
    New York & Long Beach Railroad18801907Long Island Rail Road
    New York & Mahopac Railroad18711880New York & Harlem Railroad
    New York & Manhattan Beach Railway18761885New York, Brooklyn & Manhattan Beach Railway
    New York & Massachusetts Railway18871893Poughkeepsie & Eastern Railway
    New York & New England Railroad18731895New England Railroad
    New York & New Haven Railroad18461872New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad
    New York New Jersey Rail   
    New York & Northern Railway18871893New York & Putnam Railroad
    New York & Ogdensburg Railway   
    New York, Ontario & Western Railway18801957 
    New York & Oswego Midland Railroad18661879Ithaca, Auburn & Western Railroad; New York, Ontario & Western Railway
    New York & Ottawa Railroad18971904New York & Ottawa Railway
    New York & Ottawa Railway19051913New York central & Hudson River Railroad
    New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad18801896Nypano Railroad
    New York & Pennsylvania Railroad18961902New York & Pennsylvania Railway
    New York & Pennsylvania Railway19041935 
    New York & Putnam Railroad18941913new York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    New York & Rockaway Railroad18701903Jamaica & South Shore Railroad
    New York & Rockaway Beach Railway18871921Long Island Rail Road
    New York, Rutland & Montreal Railrod18831893Lebanon Springs Railroad
    New York & Sea Beach Railway18761896Sea Beach Railway
    New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad18811958 
    New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway   
    New York, West Shore & Buffalo Railway18801885West Shore Railroad
    New York, West Shore & Chicago Railroad18701879New York, West Shore & Buffalo Railway
    New York, Westchester & Putnam Railway18771887New York City & Northern Railroad
    New York, Woodhaven & Rockaway Railroad18771887New York & Rockaway Beach Railway
    Newark & Marion Railway19001917Marion Railway
    Newburgh, Dutchess & Connecticut Railroad18771907central New England Railway
    Newburgh & New York Railway18651895New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad
    Newton Falls & Northern Railroad19081919 
    Newtown & Flushing Railroad18711876 
    Niagara Bridge & Canandaigua Railroad18581890New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Niagara Falls Branch Railroad18751913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Niagara Falls International Bridge Company1846  
    Niagara Junction Railway18921976Consolidted Rail Corporation
    Niagara River Bridge Company18812002abandoned subsidiary of CNCP Niagara-Windsor Partnership
    Nickel Plate Connecting Railroad1917  
    Norfolk Southern Railway   
    Norfolk & Western Railway19641998Norfolk Southern Railway
    North River Railroad18811881New York, West Shore & Buffalo Railway
    North River Railway18801881North River Railroad
    North Shore Railroad18631884Long Island City & Flushing Railroad
    Northern Railroad18451865Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain Railroad
    Northern Railroad of New Jersey18581943Erie Railroad
    Northern Adirondack Railroad18831895Northern New York Railroad
    Northern Adirondack Extension Railroad18861890Northern Adirondack Railroad
    Northern Central Railway1863
    Pennsylvania Railroad
    Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Northern Extension of the Ruchester, Nunda & Pennsylvania Railroad18721872Rochester, Nunda & Pennsylvania Railroad
    Northern New York Railroad18951897New York & Ottawa Railroad
    Norwood & Montreal Railroad18841889Rome, watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad
    Norwood & St Lawrence Railroad19011974Ogdensburg & Norwood Railway
    Nyack & Northern Railroad18681892Nyack & Southern Railroad
    Nyack & Southern Railroad18991944erie Railroad
    Nypano Railroad18961941Erie Railroad
    Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain Railroad18641898Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain Railway
    Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain Railway18981899Rutland Railroad
    Ogdensburg & Morristown Railroad18711886Utica & Black River Railroad
    Ogdensburg & Norwood Railway19651977St Lawrence Railroad
    Olean Railroad18801881Allegany Central Railroad
    Olean, Bradford & Warren Railroad18771916Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway
    Olean & Salamanca Railroad18821883Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railroad
    Ontario, Carbondale & Scranton Railway18891957 
    Ontario Central Railroad   
    Ontario Midland Railroad   
    Ontario Southern Railroad18751879Lake Ontario Southern Railway
    Orange County Railroad18881907Lehigh & Hudson River Railway
    Oswego Railroad Bridge Company18721885Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad
    Oswego & Rome Railroad18631913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Oswego & Syracuse Railroad18391945Delaware, Lackawnna & Western Railroad
    Otis Railway18991916Catskill Mountain Railroad
    Otis Elevating Railway18851899Otis Railway
    Owasco River Railway18811976 
    Owego & Harford Railway   
    Oyster Bay Extension Railroad18861913Long Island Rail Road
    Pecksport Connecting Railway18861957 
    Penn central Transportation Company19681976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Penn Yan & New York Railway18771885Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railway
    Penndel Company19551976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Pennsylvania Railroad19001968Penn Central Transportation Company
    Pennsylvania, New York & Long Island Railroad19021907Pennsylvania Tunnel & Terminal Railroad
    Pennsylvania & New York Canal & Railroad Company18671888Lehigh Valley Railroad
    Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie & Boston Railroad18871895Lehigh & New England Railroad
    Pennsylvania & Rochester Railroad19121916Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway
    Pennsylvania Tunnel & terminal Railroad19071976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Pere Marquette Railroad19041917Pere Marquette Railway
    Pere Marquette Railway19171947Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
    Perry Railroad1882899Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway
    Philadelphia, Reading & New England Railroad18921899Central New England Railway
    Pine Plains & albany Railroad18721872Harlem Extension Railroad
    Pittsburgh & New York Railroad18811881Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad18991947 
    Pittsburgh, Titusville & Buffalo Railway18801881Buffalo, Pittsburgh & Western Railroad
    Plattburgh & Dannemora Railroad1878  
    Plattsburgh & Montreal Railroad18501868Montreal & Plattsburgh Railroad
    Pochuck Railroad18971944 
    Port Chester Terminal Railroad1901  
    Port Dickinson & Chenango River Railroad1881  
    Port Jervis & Monticello Railroad18751886Port Jervis, Monticello & Summitville Railroad
    Port Jervis, Monticello & New York Railroad18861902Port Jervis, Monticello & Summitville Railroad
    Port Jervis, Monticello & Summitville Railroad19021957 
    Potsdam & Watertown Railroad18521860Watertown & Rome Railroad
    Poughkeepsie Bridge Company18711892Poughkeepsie Bridge & Railroad Company
    Poughkeepsie Bridge Railroad18881907Central New England Railway
    Poughkeepsie Bridge & Railroad Company18921892Philadelphia, Reading & New England Railroad
    Poughkeepsie & Connecticut Railroad18881889Central New England & Western Railroad
    Poughkeepsie & Eastern Railroad18661875Poughkeepsie, Hartford & Boston Railroad
    Poughkeepsie & Eastern Railway18931907Central New England Railway
    Poughkeepsie, Hartford & Boston Railroad18751887Hartford & Connecticut Western Railroad; New York & Massachusetts Railway
    Prattsburg Railway19171962 
    Prospect Park & Coney Island Railroad1874  
    Prospect Park & South Brooklyn Railroad1888 &Nbsp;
    Providence & Worchester Railroad   
    Putnam & Dutchess Railroad18711872New York, Boston & NOrthern Railway
    Raquette Lake Railway18991933 
    Raymondville & Waddington Railroad19071908Norwood & St Lawrence Railroad
    Rensselaer & Saratoga Railroad18321945Delaware & Hudson Railroad
    Rhinebeck & Connecticut Railroad18701882Hartford & Connecticut Western Railroad
    R J Corman Railroad/Allentown Lines19962002 
    Rochester & Charlotte Railroad18811881Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad18511976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Rochester & Honeoye Valley Railroad18881895Rochester Southern Railroad
    Rochester, Hornellsville & Lackawann Railroad18861889Lackawanna & Southwestern Railroad
    Rochester, Hornellsville & Pine Creek Railroad18721876Geneva, Hornellsville & Pine Creek Railway
    Rochester & Lake Beach Railroad18881888Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Terminal Railroad
    Rochester & Lake Ontario Railroad18521855New York Central Railroad
    Rochester, Lockport & Niagara Falls Railroad18501853New York Central Railroad
    Rochester, New York & Pennsylvania Railroad18811916Allegany Central Railroad; Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway
    Rochester, Nunda & Pennsylvania Railroad18701877Rochester, Nunda & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Rochester, Nunda & Pennsylvania Extension Railroad18721872Rochester, Nunda & Pennsylvania Railroad
    Rochester, Nunda & Pittsburgh Railroad18771881Rochester, New York & Pennsylvania Railroad
    Rochester & Ontario Belt Railway18821887Rochester & Lake Beach Railroad
    Rochester & Pine Creek Railroad18701877Silver Lake Railroad
    Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad18811885Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Rochester Southern Railroad18951903Lehigh Valley Railway
    Rochester & Southern Railroad18951895Rochester Southern Railroad
    Rochester & Southern Railroad   
    Rochester & State Line Railroad18691881Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad
    Rochester & Syracuse Railroad18501853New York Central Railroad
    Rockaway Railway18711872South Side Railroad of Long Island
    Rockland Central Railroad18701873
    Rockland Central Extension Railroad18721872Rockland Central Railroad
    Rome & Clinton Railroad18691944New York, Ontario & Western Railway
    Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad1861New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Terminal Railroad18861890Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad
    Rondout & Oswego Railroad18661872New York, Kingston & Syracuse Railroad
    Rutland Railroad18991950Rutland Railway
    Rutland Railway19501961New York Central Railroad
    Rutland-Canadian Railroad1898Rutland Railroad
    Rutland & Washington Railroad18501865Troy, Salem & Rutland Railroad
    S M S Rail Lines of New York   
    Sackets Harbor & Ellisburg Railroad18511858
    Sackett's Harbor, Rome & New York Railroad18601862 
    Sackets Harbor & Saratoga Railroad18521857Lake Ontario & Hudson River Railroad
    St Lawrence Railroad19771990St Lawrence & Raquette River Railroad
    St Lawrence & Adirondack Railroad18911892Mohawk & Malone Railway
    St Lawrence & Adirondack Railway1895 non operating subsidiary of CSX Transportation
    St Lawrence & Hudson Railway19962001Canadian Pacific Railway
    St Lawrence & Raquette River Railroad19901998New York & Ogdensburg Railway
    Salamanca, Bradford & Allegheny River Railroad18801881Buffalo, Pittsburgh & Western Railroad
    Saranac & Lake Placid Railroad18901903Chateaugay & Lake Placid Railway
    Saratoga & Fort Edward Railroad1832 Saratoga & Washington Railroad
    Saratoga & Hudson River Railroad18641867New York Central Railroad
    Saratoga Lake Railway18801886Troy, Saratoga & Northern Railroad
    Saratoga & Mount McGregor Railway18961897Saratoga Northern Railway
    Saratoga, Mount McGregor & Lake George Railroad18821888Mount McGregor Railroad
    Saratoga Northern Railway18991901Hudson Valley Railway
    Saratoga & St Lawrence Railroad18851897Bombay & Moira Railroad
    Saratoga & Schenectady Railroad1831  
    Saratoga & Schuylerville Railroad19451956 
    Saratoga & Washington Railroad18341855Saratoga & Whitehall Railroad
    Saratoga & Whitehall Railroad18551868Rensselaer & Saratogo Railroad
    Schenectady & Duanesburgh Railroad18731903Delaware & Hudson Company
    Schenectady & Margaretville Railroad19061907Delaware & Hudson Company
    Schenectady & Mechanicville Railroad1867  
    Schenectady & Susquehanna Railroad18691873Schenectady & Duanesburgh Railroad
    Schenectady & Troy Railroad18361853New York Central Railroad
    Schoharie Valley Railroad18651874Schoharie Valley Railway
    Schoharie Valley Railway18801941 
    Schuylerville & Upper Hudson Railroad18691877Mechanicville & Fort Edward Railroad
    Scottsville & LeRoy Railroad1836  
    Sea Beach Railway18961912New York Consolidated Railroad
    Sea Beach & Brighton Railroad18861892Brighton & Bensonhurst Railroad
    Seneca County Railway18911903Lehigh Valley Railway
    Sharon & Ceres Terminal Railroad19041904New York & Pennsylvania Railway
    Shawmut Connecting Railroad19001905Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad
    Silver Creek & Dunkirk Railway,/td>18901894Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway
    Silver Lake Railroad18771886Silver Lake Railway
    Silver Lake Railroad1869Rochester & Pine Creek Railroad
    Silver Lake Railway18861910Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway
    Skaneateles Railroad18661941Skaneateles Short Line Railroad
    Skaneateles Railroad18361841Skaneateles & Jordan Railroad
    Skaneateles & Jordan Railroad18411851 
    Skaneateles Short Line Railroad1940 
    Smithtown & Port Jefferson Railroad18701892Long Island Railroad North Shore Branch
    Sodus Bay & Southern Railroad18821886Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad
    Sodus Point & Southern Railroad18521875Ontario Southern Railroad
    Somerset Railroad   
    South Brooklyn Railroad & Terminal Company18871899South Brooklyn Railway
    South Brooklyn Railway1900  
    South Brooklyn & Flatbush Railroad18851887South Brooklyn Railroad & Terminal Company
    South Buffalo Railway   
    South Side Railroad of Long Island18601874Southern Railroad of Long Island
    Southern Railroad of Long Island18741880Brooklyn & Montauk Railroad
    Southern Central Railroad18651895Lehigh & new York Railroad
    Southern Hempstead Branch Railroad18751882Stewart Railroad
    Southern Westchester Railroad18711872New York, Housatonic & Northern Railroad
    Southfield Branch Railroad18681894 
    Springfield Terminal Railway   
    Springville & Sardinia Railroad18781886 
    Spuyten Duyvil & Port Morris Railroad18671913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Staten Island Railroad1971 
    Staten Island Railroad18511872Staten Island Railway
    Staten Island Railway18731944Staten Island Rapid Transit Railway
    Staten Island Rapid Transit Railroad18801899Staten Island Rapid Transit Railway
    Staten Island Rapid Transit Railway18991971Staten Island Railroad
    Sterling Mountain Railway18641955 
    Stewart Railroad18731892Long Island Rail Road
    Stony Clove & Catskill Mountain Railroad18811901Ulster & Delaware Railroad
    Suffern Railroad19071907Erie & Jersey Railroad
    Suspension Bridge & Erie Junction Railroad18681896Erie Railroad
    Syracuse & Baldwinsville Railroad18861891Syracuse & Baldwinsville Railway
    Syracuse & Baldwinsville Railway1891  
    Syracuse & Binghamton Railroad18511856Syracuse & Southern Railroad
    Syracuse, Binghamton & New York Railroad18571945Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
    Syracuse & Chenango Railroad18731877Syracuse, Chenango & New York Railroad
    Syracuse & Chenango Valley Railroad18681873Syracuse & Chenango Railroad
    Syracuse, Chenango & New York Railroad18771883Syracuse, Ontario & New York Railway
    Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railway18751909Geneva, Corning & Southern Railroad
    Syracuse Junction Railroad18731879New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Syracuse Northern Railroad18681875Syracuse & Northern Railroad
    Syracuse & Northern Railroad18751875Rome, Watertown &Ogdensburg Railroad
    Syracuse Northwestern Railroad18741875Syracuse, Phoenix & Oswego Railroad
    Syracuse, Ontario & New York Railway18831891West Shore Railroad
    Syracuse, Phoenix & Oswego Railroad18711885Syracuse, Phoenix & Oswego Railway
    Syracuse, Phoenix & Oswego Railway18851889Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad
    Syracuse & Southern Railroad18561857Syracuse, Binghamton & New York Railroad
    Syracuse & Utica Railroad18361853New York Central Railroad
    Syracuse & Utica Direct Railroad18531853New York Central Railroad
    Terminal Railway of Buffalo18951914New York Central Railroad
    Ticonderoga Railroad1889Delaware & Hudson Railroad
    Tioga Railroad18761885New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad
    Tioga Central Railroad19871992Owego & Harford Railway
    Tioga Coal, Iron Mining & Manufacturing Company18331851Corning & Blossburg Railroad
    Tivoli Hollow Railroad18931913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Tonawanda Railroad18321850Buffalo & Rochester Railroad
    Tonawanda Island Railroad19831996 
    Tonawanda Island Bridge Company18831913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Tonawanda Valley Railroad18801881Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Railroad
    Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Railroad18811886Attica & Freedom Railroad
    Tonawanda Valley Extension Railroad18801881Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Railroad
    Troy & Bennington Railroad18511946Boston & Maine Railroad
    Troy & Boston Railroad18481887Fitchburg Railroad
    Troy & Greenbush Railroad18451976Consolidated Rail Corporation
    Troy & Rutland Railroad18491865Troy, Sale & Rutland Railroad
    Troy, Salem & Rutland Railroad18651868Rensselaer & Saratoga Railroad
    Troy, Saratoga & Northern Railroad18861892Fitchburg Railroad
    Troy Union Railroad18511964 
    Tunesassa & Bradford Railroad1905  
    Ulster & Delaware Railroad18751932New York Central Railroad
    Unadilla Valley Railway18901960 
    Union Railroad18511946Erie Railroad
    Union Railroad18561858Syracuse, Binghamton & New York Railroad
    Union Terminal Railroad of Buffalo18841917Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway
    Union Village & Johnsonville Railroad18661874Greenwich & Johnsonville Railroad
    United States & Canada Railroad18831960Canadian National Railway
    Upper Hudson Railroad18721872Schuylerville & Upper Hudson Railroad
    Utica & Black River Railroad18601913New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
    Utica, Chenango & Cortland Railroad18701883Erie & Central New York Railway
    Utica, Chenango & Susquehanna Valley Railway18661945Delware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
    Utica City Railroad18621866Utica & Waterville Railroad
    Utica, Clinton & Binghamton Railroad18681942New York, Ontario & Western Railway
    Utica, Horseheads & Elmira Railroad18701871Utica, Ithaca & Elmira Railroad
    Utica, Ithaca & Elmira Railroad18711878Utica, Ithaca & Elmira Railway
    Utica, Ithaca & Elmira Railway18781884Elmira, Cortland & Northern Railroad
    Utica & Schenectady Railroad18331853New York Central Railroad
    Utica & Unadilla Valley Railroad18881895Unadilla Valley Railway
    Utica & Waterville Railroad18661868Utica, Clinton & Binghamton Railroad
    Valley Railroad18691945Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
    Vermont & Canada Railroad18451891Central Vermont Railroad
    Vermont Central Railroad1849
    Vermont Railway   
    Wabash Railroad18981915Wabash Railway
    Wabash Railroad19421964Norfolk & Western Railway
    Wabash Railway19151942Wabash Railroad
    Wallkill Valley Railroad18771952New York Central Railroad
    Wallkill Valley Railway18661877Wallkill Valley Railroad
    Warwick Valley Railroad18601882Lehigh & Hudson River Railway
    Watertown & Rome Railroad18321861Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad
    Waverly & State Line Railway18671903Lehigh Valley Railway
    Wellsboro & Corning Railroad   
    Wellsville, Addison & Galeton Railroad19541973 
    Wellsville, Bradford & Eldred Railroad18811893 
    Wellsville & Buffalo Railroad19151916 
    Wellsville, Coudersport & Pine Creek Railroad18811954Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad
    West Brooklyn Railroad18871889 
    West Davenport Railroad18911891Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad
    West Shore Railroad18851952New York Central Railroad
    West Shore Hudson River Railroad18671877New York, West Shore & Chicago Railroad
    West Side & Yonkers Railway18791887New York City & Northern Railroad
    West Troy & Green Island Railroad18701870 
    Westchester Railway18811881 
    Western New York Railway18951895Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway
    Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad18871895Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway
    Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad   
    Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway18951955Penndel Company
    Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway of New York18871887Wester New York & Pennsylvania Railroad
    Western Vermont Railroad18451865Bennington & Rutland Railroad
    Wharton Valley Railway18881942 
    Whitehall & Plattsburgh Railroad18661873New York & Canada Railroad
    Whitestone & Westchester Railroad18711887Long Island City & Flushing Railroad
    Williamsport & Elmira Railroad18501860Elmira & Williamsport Railroad
    Williamstown & Redfield Railroad1865  
    Windsor Beach & Ontario Railroad18871888Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Terminal Railroad
    Yonkers Rapid Transit Railway18791887New York & Northern Railway

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