New York's Governors


    The Director was appointed by the Dutch west Indies Company over the Dutch province of New Netherland. The last Director held the title of Director-General. The Dutch turned over New Netherland to the English June 1665 at which time New Netherland was renamed New York and the city of New Amsterdam was renamed New York City.

    Director/Director-GeneralTook OfficeLeft Office
    Jacobszoon, CornelisMay 16241625
    Verhulst, Willem16251626
    Minuit, Peter16261632
    Krol, Sebastiaen Jansen16321633
    vanTwiller, Wouter16331638
    Kieft, Willem16381647
    Stuyvesant, Petrus16471664

    Colonial Governors

    After the British took over the area now known as New York, Governors were appointed by the Crown. During one brief period, from Aug 1673 to Nov 1674, the Dutch returned to ruling New York, but it was returned to British Rule in November 1674.

    GovernorTook OfficeLeft OfficeNote
    Nicolls, Richard16641668Military Governor
    Lovelace, Francis16681672 
    Colve, Anthony16731674restored Netherlands rule
    Andros, Sir Edmund16741681 
    Brockholls, Anthony16811683Acting Governor
    Dongan, Thomas16831688 
    Nicholson, Francis16881691 
    Leisler, Jacob16891691in Rebellion
    Sloughter, Henry16911691 
    Ingoldesby, Richard16911692 
    Fletcher, Benjamin16921697 
    Coote, Richard First Earl of Bellomont16981701 
    Nanfan, John17011702 
    Hyde, edward Viscount Cornbury17021708 
    Lovelace, John Fourth Baron Lovelace17081709 
    Schuyler, Peter17081709 
    Ingoldesby, Richard17091710 
    Beekman, Gerardus17101710 
    Hunter, General Robert17101718 
    Schuyler, Peter17191720 
    Burnet, William17201728 
    Montgomerie, John17281731 
    VanDam, Rip17311732 
    Cosby, Sir William17321736 
    Clarke, George17361743 
    Clinton, Hon George17431753Admiral of the Fleet
    Osborn, Sir Danvers17531753Third Baronet
    DeLancey, James17531755 
    Hardy, Admiral Sir Charles17551758 
    DeLancey, James17581760 
    Colden, Cadwallader17601762 
    Monckton, Lieutenant General Robert17621763 
    Colden, Cadwallader17631765 
    Moore, Sir Henry17651769First Baronet
    Colden, Cadwallader17691770 
    Murray, John17701771Fourth Earl of Dunmore
    Tryon, William17711774 
    Colden, Cadwallader17741775 
    Tryon, William17751780 
    Robertson, General James17801783military governor
    Elliot, Andrew17 Apr 178325 Nov 1783military governor

    State Governors

    Although, officially, New York did not become a state until 1788, New York established its own state constitution in 1777, creating the office of governor. The governor was elected for three years, but the consitituion did not establish a start of the term until 1787, when the start date was July 1. In 1821, the term was reduced to two years and the term began on Jan 1 and ended Dec 31. At that time, the election was set for Nov. In 1874, the term was changed to three years. In 1894 it was changed back to two years and in 1938 was changed to four years. Since the inception of the state constitution, there has been a lieutenant governor position, elected to the same length of term as the governor. In 1954, the governor and lt gov were placed on the same ticket, although they are nominated separately.

    GovernorTook OfficeLeft OfficeLt Governor
    Clinton, George30 Jul 177730 Jun 1795Pierre VanCortlandt
    Jay, John1 Jul 179530 Jun 1801Stephen VanRensselaer III
    Clinton, George1 Jul 180130 Jun 1804Jeremiah VanRensselaer
    Lewis, Morgan1 Jul 180430 Jun 1807John Broome
    Tompkins, Daniel D1 Jul 180724 Feb 1817John Tayler
    DeWitt Clinton
    John Tayler
    Tayler, John24 Feb 181730 Jun 1817Philetus Swift
    Clinton, DeWitt1 Jul 181731 Dec 1822John Tayler
    Yates, Joseph C1 Jan 182331 Dec 1824Erastus Root
    Clinton, DeWitt1 Jan 182511 Feb 1828James Tallmadge Jr
    Nathaniel Pitcher
    Pitcher, Nathaniel11 Feb 182831 Dec 1828Peter R Livingston
    Charles Dayan
    VanBuren, Martin1 Jan 18295 Mar 1829Enos T Throop
    Throop, Enos T5 Mar 182931 Dec 1832Charles Stebbins
    William M Oliver
    Edward Philip Livingston
    Marcy, William L1 Jan 183331 Dec 1838John Tracy
    Seward, William H1 Jan 183931 Dec 1842Luther Bradish
    Bouck, William C1 Jan 184331 Dec 1844Daniel S Dickinson
    Wright, Silas1 Jan 184531 Dec 1846Addison Gardiner
    Young, John1 Jan 184731 Dec 1848Addison Gardiner
    Albert Lester
    Hamilton Fish
    Fish, Hamilton1 Jan 184931 Dec 1850George Washington Patterson
    Hunt, Washington1 Jan 185131 Dec 1852Sanford E Church
    Seymour, Horatio1 Jan 185331 Dec 1854Sanford E Church
    Clark, Myron H1 Jan 185531 Dec 1856Henry Jarvis Raymond
    King, John Alsop1 Jan 185731 Dec 1858Henry R Selden
    Morgan, Edwin D1 Jan 185931 Dec 1862Robert Campbell
    Seymour, Horatio1 Jan 186331 Dec 1864David R Floyd-Jones
    Fenton, Reuben1 Jan 186531 Dec 1868Thomas G Alvord
    Stewart L Woodford
    Hoffman, John Thompson1 Jan 186931 Dec 1872Allen C Beach
    Dix, John Adams1 Jan 187331 Dec 1874John C Robinson
    Tilden, Samuel J1 Jan 187531 Dec 1876William Dorsheimer
    Robinson, Lucius1 Jan 187731 Dec 1879William Dorsheimer
    Cornell, Alonzo B1 Jan 188031 Dec 1882George Gilbert Hoskins
    Cleveland, Grover1 Jan 18836 Jan 1885David B Hill
    Hill, David B6 Jan 188531 Dec 1891Dennis McCarthy
    Edward F Jones
    Flower, Roswell P1 Jan 189231 Dec 1894William F Sheehan
    Morton, Levi P1 Jan 189531 Dec 1896Charles T Saxton
    Black, Frank S1 Jan 189731 Dec 1898Timothy L Woodruff
    Roosevelt, Theodore1 Jan 189931 Dec 1900Timothy L Woodruff
    Odell, Benjamin Barker Jr1 Jan 190131 Dec 1904Timothy L Woodruff
    Frank W Higgins
    Higgins, Frank W1 Jan 190531 Dec 1906M Linn Bruce
    John Raines
    Hughes, Charles Evans1 Jan 19076 Oct 1910Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler
    Horace White
    White, Horace6 Oct 191031 Dec 1910George H Cobb
    Dix, John Alden1 Jan 191131 Dec 1912Thomas F Conway
    Sulzer, William1 Jan 191317 OOct 1913Martin H Glynn
    Glynn, Martin H17 Oct 191331 Dec 1914Robert F Wagner
    Whitman, Charles S1 Jan 191531 Dec 1918Edwrd Schoeneck
    Smith, Al1 Jan 191931 Dec 1920Harry C Walker
    Miller, Nathan Lewis1 Jan 192131 Dec 1922Jeremiah Wood
    Clayton R Lusk
    Smith, Al1 Jan 192331 Dec 1928george R Lunn
    Seymour Lowman
    Edwin Corning
    Roosevelt, Franklin D1 Jan 192931 Dec 1932Herbert H Lehman
    Lehman, Herbert H1 Jan 19333 Dec 1942M William Bray
    Charles Poletti
    Poletti, Charles3 Dec 194231 Dec 1942Joe R Hanley
    Dewey, Thomas1 Jan 194331 Dec 1954Thomas W Wallace
    Joe R Hanley
    Frank C Moore
    Arthur H Wicks
    Walter J Mahoney
    Harriman, W Averell1 Jan 195531 Dec 1958George DeLuca
    Rockefeller, Nelson1 Jan 195918 Dec 1973Malcolm Wilson
    Wilson, Malcolm18 Dec 197331 Dec 1974Warren M Anderson
    Carey, Hugh1 Jan 197531 Dec 1982Mary Anne Krupsak
    Mario Cuomo
    Cuomo, Mario1 Jan 198331 Dec 1994Alfred DelBello
    Warren M Anderson
    Stan Lundine
    Pataki, George1 Jan 199531 Dec 2006Betsy McCaughey Ross
    Mary O Donohue
    Spitzer, Eliot1 Jan 200717 Mar 2008David Paterson
    Paterson, David17 Mar 200831 Dec 2010Joseph Bruno
    Dean Skelos
    Malcolm Smith
    Pedro Espada
    Richard Ravitch
    Malcolm Smith
    Richard Ravitch
    Cuomo, Andrew1 Jan 2011PresentRobert Duffy

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