Capital punishment has not been practiced in New York since 1963. In 1965, state legislation allowed for capital punishment only in the case of murder of a police officer. Although governors since then have attempted to rewrite state statutes allowing for execution, the State Supreme Court has rejected the measures as unconstitutional and death row has remained empty. However, in 1995, Thomas J Grasso, convicted of murder in Oklahoma and sentenced to death, while serving a 20 year sentence in New York, was extradicted to Oklahoma for execution. In 2008, the governor ordered death row dismantled.

    Abbandando, Frank19 Feb 1942Electric ChairMemberMurder IncLehman
    Andre', John2 Oct 1780HangingBritish Spy Robertson
    Appplegate, Everett17 Jul 1936Electric ChairMurderwife, Ada ApplegateLehman
    Beck, Martha8 Mar 1951Electric ChairMurderPaula Fay, Delphine Downing & 2-year-old daughter, and othersDewey
    Becker, Charles30 Jul 1915Electric ChairMurderHerman "Beansie" RosenthalWhitman
    Buchalter, Louis4 Mar 1944Electric ChairMemberMurder IncDewey
    Burke, Elmer "Trigger"9 Jan 1958Electric ChairMurderEdward "Poochy" WalshHarriman
    Capone, Louis4 Mar 1944Electric ChairMemberMurder IncDewey
    Coleman, Edward12 Jan 1839HangingMurderWifeSeward
    Coo, Eva27 Jun 1935Electric ChairMurderHenry WrightLehman
    Creighton, Mary Frances17 Jul 1936Electric ChairMurderHusband's wife, Ada ApplegateLehman
    Creoli, Jan25 Jun 1646Asphyxiation & BurningSodomy Kieft
    Crowley, Francis21 Jan 1932Electric ChairMurderPolice Officer Frederick HirschF Roosevelt
    czolgosz, Leon F29 Oct 1901Electric ChairMurderPresident William MckinleyOdell
    Dolan, Johnny21 Apr 1876HangingMurderJames H NoeTilden
    Druse, Roxana28 Feb 1887HangingMurderHusband, William DruseHill
    Dunn, John M7 Jul 1949Electric ChairMurderAnthony "Andy" HintzDewey
    Fernandez, Raymond8 Mar 1951Electric ChairMurderPaula Fay, Delphine Downing & 2 year old daughter, and othersDewey
    Fish, Albert16 Jan 1936Electric ChairMurderGrace Budd & two other childrenLehman
    Flakes, Henry19 May 1960Electric ChairMurderJoseph FriedmanRockefeller
    Friery, Bernard17 Aug 1866HangingMurderHarry LazarusFenton
    Gaffney, John14 Feb 1873HangingMurderPatrick FaheyHoffman
    Gillette, Chester30 Mar 1908Electric ChairMurderGrace BrownHughes
    Goldson, Charles6 Jan 1927Electric ChairMurderNight watchman in ManhattanSmith
    Goldsteiin, Martin12 Jun 1941Electric ChairMemberMurder IncLehman
    Gordon, Nathaniel21 Feb 1862HangingSlaver Morgan
    Gray, Judd12 Jan 1928Electric ChairMurderRuth Snyder's Husband, Albert SnyderSmith
    Greenwall, John6 Dec 1889HangingMurder & Burglary Hill
    Harris, Carlyle7 May 1893Electric ChairMurderWife, Hellen PottsFlowers
    Harrison, Rickey13 May 1920Electric ChairMurderCanadian Soldier George GriffelnsSmith
    Hicks, Albert W13 Jul 1860HangingPiracy Morgan
    Horowitz, Harry13 Apr 1914Electric ChairMurderHerman "Beansie" RosenthalGlynn
    Howlett, Nicholas28 Jan 1853HangingMurderCharles BaxterSeymour
    Kemmler, William6 Aug 1890Electric ChairMurderWife, Tillie ZieglerHill
    Leisler, Jacob16 May 1691HangingTreason Sloughter
    Lyons, Danny21 Aug 1888HangingMurderJoseph QuinnHill
    Maione, Harry19 Feb 1942Electric ChairMemberMurder IncLehman
    Mays, Eddie15 Aug 1963Electric ChairMurder & Robbery Rockefeller
    McGloin, Mike8 Mar 1883HangingMurderLouis HanierCleveland
    Merrick, William29 Jn 1879HangingMurderHis wife, Julia A MerrickRobinson
    Mills, George H10 Apr 1885HangingMurderwifeHill
    Morrisey, Patrick6 Sep 1872HangingMurderMotherHoffman
    Peterson, Gregory5 Aug 1639Firing SquadMutiny Kieft
    Place, Martha M20 Mar 1899Electric ChairMurderDaughter, Ida PlaceT Roosevelt
    Quisthout van der Linde, Jan17 Jun 1660DrowningSodomy Stuyvesant
    Rosenburg, Ethel19 Jun 1953Electric ChairEspionage Dewey
    Rosemburg, Julius19 Jun 1953Electric ChairEspionage Dewey
    Saul, Nicholas28 Jan 1853HangingMurderCharles BaxterSeymour
    Shea, Bartholomew11 Feb 1896Electric ChairMurderElection Reformer Robert RossFlower
    Sheridan, Andrew "Squint"7 Jul 1949Electric ChairMurderAnthony "ndy" HintzDewey
    Snyder, Ruth12 Jan 1928Electric ChairMurderHusband, Albert SnyderSmith
    Strauss, Harry12 Jun 1941Electric ChairMemberMurder IncLehman
    Weiss, Emanuel4 Mar 1944Electric ChairMemberMurder IncDewey
    Ziolkowski, Stephen "Bolly"29 May 1930Electric ChairMurderJohn Perraton during Fedders Mfg RobberyF Roosevelt

    NOTE: In April 1741, thirty four people were executed by hanging or burning for the New York Conspiracy of 1741 under Gov George Clarke. Many of those who were executed were slaves and locating identification of all those has not been completed.

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